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Stand Up Paddle Boarding  SUP


Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport around the world. 
It’s easy to learn, is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and most of all it’s a lot of fun.

Stand Up Paddling looks an easy sport but there are many tips which can help you to paddle

better and have more fun. In just a few sessions, you will improve your balance & coordination

as well as your strength & endurance. SUP is the ultimate full body workout. The benefits of SUP are

improving balance, strengthening core and leg muscles, improving flexibility, strength and coordination. 


by Paddle Surf Zante

Welcome to

Paddle Surf Zante


The island's only stand up paddle business. We are passionate about paddleboarding and providing the best in stand up paddleboard equipment. We have program for anyone who wants to ride a board, whether it's just for fun or as a part of a workout program. 
Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing recreational sport in the world and it' here to stay!
Our goal at Paddle Surf Zante is to share SUP with as many people as possible.





Short Background and History on

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) was first explored in Peru and migrated to Polynesia from South America, as indicated by the explorer and environmentalist, Thor Heyedahls, Kon Tiki expedition.

It developed further as a hobby and sport in Hawaii.

Since its inception in the last decade or so, SUP has seen incredible and almost unbelievable growth due to its versatility, fun, variety of application and the great physical workout you get from it!

Anyone can do it and once you try it you are often hooked.  According to a recent report, Stand Up Paddle Boarding had more first time participants than any other outdoors activity in the Word. This amazing growth is only expected to continue as more people find out about it and give it a go.

Unlike more traditional surfing and windsurfing where you often need to depend on certain conditions of waves or wind to be able to undertake these activities, SUP has no restrictions.  It can be enjoyed basically anywhere there is water – whether that is at sea, on a lake or river. It has also diversified in to many different forms of SUP; from racing, to SUP fishing, exploring, Wind SUP and even SUP yoga!

It is a very new sport and pastime, only really having taken off post 2005, and it’s a wonder why we took so long to become the world’s favorite water sport.

SUP ZANTE, SUP Lessons Zante, Stand Up Paddle Surf Zante, Paddleboarding on Zakynthos Island



Learn the basics of SUP!

A great introductory coarse for all who want to learn how to SUP, refine technique or gain practise time on the water with a SUP instructor.


Please book your lesson 

online to ensure we will have a board waiting for you!




SUP ZANTE, Stand Up Paddle Surf Zante, Paddleboarding on Zakynthos Island



Rent a board from us and enjoy a SUP ride at your own pace & route. We have a variety of boards for all styles of paddling & all sizes of paddlers. We have stand up paddleboards for both children & adults.


Please book your rental online to ensure we will have a board waiting for you!

SUP ZANTE, Stand Up Paddle Surf Zante, Paddleboarding on Zakynthos Island



Our  tours involve learning the skills of how to manoeuvre and correctly paddle our SUP’S whilst taking in the scenery and viewing the wildlife that our beautiful coastline has to offer and at the same time giving your body a enjoyable work out.


Please book your tour online to ensure we will have a board waiting for you!


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SUP ZANTE, Stand Up Paddle Surf Zante, Paddleboarding on Zakynthos Island
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